About Us

Our purpose is to provide teachings, events and facilitate connections that inspire people to create a positive, loving and supportive world for all life

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to their true selves

Whenever a person chooses to empower themselves through understanding who they are and what that means, they become a powerful example to the rest of humanity of what is possible for anyone if they choose love.  The thought forms they empower radiate from the core their being and will have a powerful positive effect on everyone around them and ultimately the greater collective consciousness.

This world will never know peace by people standing on soapboxes and telling others what they should or should not do. The only way peace can be achieved in this world is by individuals choosing it within themselves and then utilizing their energies with other like-minded people to create in their own worlds the type of world they desire to live in without any need to change the outer world that is a consequence of their co-creating experiences with others. In doing so they come from a place of non judgment, a place of love and are now thinking and creating in a way that is in accordance with the truth of who they are.

As more and more people choose to utilize their combined energies in loving ways the energies of the collective consciousness and ultimately all life on this planet is greatly enhanced.

As the energies of the collective consciousness increase those who have been creating their life’s experiences from an unaware asleep place will awaken to the truth of who they are. As this happens they will now start making choices that reflect their greater or higher energetic state. The consequences of course of this will be a world where there is no more darkness. A world where all beings recognize the truth of who they are and the fact that we are all integral parts of the expression of life on this planet.


How we achieve and fulfill our mission

It’s our joy to provide to you an array of ways to connect with our vision and with each other.  We invite those of you who choose to become the Masters of your own life and as a consequence the Masters of your life’s experiences in this world to join us in our journey of awakening to the truth of who we are to choosing to create with the energies of love.

  • Contribute to the discussions in our blog posts around what we call “Michaelisms” which are quotations from Michael Simonson that create opportunities for deep reflection
  • Join us at a workshop either online or in person – check the calendar
  • Check on our Global Peace Meditation calendar and tune in for an hour to increase your connection to yourself and all life


Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Our Team is lead by Michael Simonson, upon whose work Peace Through Love is based on.  Michael has been practicing Energy Work for over 30 years, facilitating workshops and healing sessions with clients around the globe.    

Michael Simonson

Michael Simonson

Chief Practitioner & Director

Deborah Simonson

Deborah Simonson

Practitioner & Manager

Catherine Wyatt

Catherine Wyatt

Practitioner & Assistant

“It is simply a matter of teaching people to become aware of the fact that they create and co-create their reality with the thoughts that they empower. To understand what that really means and in doing so moving into a place where they are the masters of their own life instead of life being their master “

– Michael Simonson