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How to change the world from the inside out: words from
Michael Simonson

“The way to effect change in this world without having conflict with anyone else is simply to start being a loving person. Seek out other people of like mind and combine your energies and as that happens your Mini Collective Consciousness, which resides in the greater fragmented planetary consciousness of this planet will grow. As it grows it will attract to it more beings and as this happens the planetary fragmentation will diminish.

As mentioned earlier each person who walks down this path will find that everyone who is linked to them will be affected by the choices they are making to be a loving person. As we are all linked our thoughts are radiated out into our world every moment of our existence. Our thoughts are picked up by everyone in our experience.

As your consciousness or energy field becomes more Loving and as a consequence more powerful, your ability to influence others without you even talking to them will increase greatly.  You will notice others around you starting to become more aware and interested in becoming aware because of the changes they see in you. They will express their interest to understand. They will open their own doors.  When this happens you will find that person being receptive to your Truths. It is important though to make sure these people understand these are your Truths and if they desire to become aware or empowered they have to find their own Truth.

Over the years I have seen this happen over and over with people I have worked with. More often than not it amazes them how their own family members and friends will start shifting how they think simply because they have.

We are all connected; we are all part of the collective consciousness on this planet and our thoughts which are energy affect all life in this world.

The old saying, if you want to change the world change yourself has a lot of truth to it.  Every loving choice that you make enhances the life force and light in this world.  Every fearful choice depletes the life force and light in this world.  The greatest way to teach is through being a living example of the truth of who you are, a loving being.

– Michael Simonson


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    “So I invite you to join our Mini Collective Consciousness of Love and Light and combine your energies with others of like mind so that we can become powerful examples of loving beings for all of our brothers and sisters who are asleep spiritually at this time. “

    – Michael Simonson