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by | Mar 18, 2020

Think about the times when you have doubted yourself in a situation, and let’s take a moment to consider how your doubt influenced the outcome of your task.  Did it have a positive or a negative consequence?

Doubting ourselves is a sure fire way to put a stop to any positive thinking.  Doubt instantly connects us to our fears, insecurities and feelings of “lack”.

At the core of our teachings, we know that all beings are children of the Light, of Source.  We believe that all knowledge is contained within each person simply because all beings are aspects of Source, we come from Source, and we are Source itself.

One my my favorite things that Michael says is “Tell me the things that Source cannot do.”  And aspects of Source, by definition we are also capable of all things and contain all knowledge.

Doubt disconnects us from our innate knowledge and wisdom, and instead connects us to the energies of fear.  What would you be capable of completing if there was no doubt in your mind?

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