Peace through Love

Awareness through Understanding

Michael SimonsonMichael Simonson

Michael has been working as an Energy Practitioner and Teacher for the last 25 years. The focus of Michael's work with people is to assist them in awakening to the truth of who they are. It is a simple process he constantly says. “It is simply a matter of teaching people to become aware of the fact that they create and co-create their reality with the thoughts that they empower. To understand what that really means and in doing so moving into a place where they are the masters of their own life instead of life being their master.”

Michael was the facilitator of the Energy Program (energetic mindfulness) at the Hunter School in Rumney, New Hampshire. He is now expanding and is offering to facilitate these energy programs to other educational institutions throughout the country.


Debra SimonsonDeborah Simonson 

Deb has had a private practice in energy medicine since 2006, and joined the ESC team in 2012.  She handles Michael's calendar, bookings and communications.  Deb also works and travels with Michael and assists in his workshops throughout the country.  She works with Michael to bring awareness of his teachings to the greater world through many avenues such as social media, the company's websites, and by following the teachings herself and serving as an example to others.



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A Talk with Michael

Watch Michael's workshop he presented at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo

Conscious Life Expo

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