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5:30 PM EST – 6:30 PM EST
Come join your energies with like minded people in a space of love and light to benefit our planet.  Check out the free meditations below and come to the next live event where everyone receives feedback, direction and advice from Michael around their experience.  


If you are inspired to support our work after listening to a meditation we have provided below, we are deeply appreciative. 

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Meditate with us for
the greater good

We are all Brothers and Sisters regardless of our cultural heritage. We will never know peace until we recognize this simple fact.  In other words, we are all Brothers and Sisters on this earth plane, but in the higher levels of our consciousness, of our being, where there is no duality (feminine and masculine energies) we instinctively know and recognize we are all aspects of Source. We know and understand that we are Individualized Personalities of Source.

As individualized personalities, each soul or being is unique unto itself. On these levels consciousness is not fragmented even though it is Individualized. This is because all Beings recognize the truth of who they are and in doing so automatically honor the free will choices of all other Beings. Where there is no judgment there is no fragmentation of consciousness.

The planetary consciousness of this world is enmeshed in fear on most levels at this time, which causes it to be very fragmented.

In order for this world to experience Peace, humanity has to realize that now is the time to put aside all the cultural differences, religious differences, political differences, etc., that keeps humanity divided.  It is time for this world to acknowledge women as equals to men in all areas of endeavor. To recognize that both sexes have their own unique attributes. As long as one aspect of society is suppressed so that another aspect can have power over it this world will never know Peace.


How to prepare for the meditation:
words from Michael Simonson

“Before we start this guided meditation, I would like to remind you that energy follows intent. Your thoughts determine your experience. In this meditation I will be asking you to repeat certain phrases after me simply to open you up energetically and as a consequence embrace and transmute the various energies you open to.  For those of you who are new to guided meditations, I would ask you not to become frustrated or endeavor to force your self to see whatever is being presented to you. If you do so you will shut down to your ability to access your clairvoyant abilities insofar as seeing. Over time, as you do the guided meditation you will find your self opening up to seeing everything that is presented in the meditation.

In this guided meditation I will take you to a place in the inner planes of light where you have an opportunity to open up energetically, to release negative thought forms and energies that interfere with your ability to be connected to the truth of who you are, to connect to your higher selves and the light.

You will also find your self opening up to Source, Your Source Self and your Universal Self. Your Universal Self is simply your highest aspect in this local universe that resides on a Universal consciousness level.  Your Source Self is that higher aspect of your being that is connected to source.  I would also ask you to be aware of your breathing during the meditation, to make your intent prior to starting the meditation that with each breath that you take your connection to Source and your greater selves will increase. That with each breath that you take your energy centers will open more and clear all limiting thoughts and energies that interfere with your ability to be one with the truth of who you are.

It is important that while you are meditating that you are comfortable. Make sure you turn off your phone or anything else that may interrupt you during your meditation.  Prior to starting the meditation, I recommend you take seven deep breaths using your diaphragm with the intent of releasing all stress and tension from your being.

Also I would ask you to call on your higher selves and those beings from the light who have chosen to assist you from the realms of light while you are on the earth plane to assist you during the meditation, to fill the space you are in with love and light, to shield your space from any energies that are not of the light.”  

Michael Simonson


“There’s nothing that I can talk to you about that you do not already know within your inner self, your Source self.  But I can remind you of those things that you choose to deny around the truth of who you are, in order to explore the truth of who you are not”

– Michael Simonson