Oneness and unified field theory

by | Mar 18, 2020

Wikipedia page: overview of the Unified Field Theory
In modern spiritual circles we hear the word “Oneness” most often.  Each path has a different way of describing this state, along with different techniques in order to assist you in attaining it.

Our belief, our knowing-ness is that Oneness is the true state of all beings – as Michael would say it’s the truth of who we are.  There is so much written on this topic in so many formats throughout the ages, and in my quest to find some science based articles that support this state of being, I found many also.  Below is a selection that I chose for modernity and readability:

Wikipedia page: overview of the Unified Field Theory

Scholarpedia:  Field Theories of Consciousness and Field Theories of Global Consciousness

Scholarpedia: Self-organization,  a fascinating article describing how the pattern of “like energies attract like energies” can be observed in many sectors of life

Atlas Obscura: Plants are communicating with each other using underground signals  The Wood Wide Web: Underground network of microbes that connects trees is mapped for the first time

We’d love to hear your thoughts – do you feel that these articles listed have expanded your thoughts around Oneness?

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